Engineered wood flooring is the easiest hardwood flooring to install. Generally these wood floors can be laid over an underlay without attachment to the sub-floor. They have a top layer veneer of solid hardwood pressure glued to plywood base layer. The top layer can be refinished or sanded down when necessary and gives the appearance and feel of real solid wood floors. The plywood base adds increased dimensional stability to the planks.

Each piece of engineered wood flooring is designed to fit toanother piece and is put together like a puzzle. This tongue and grove method allows pieces of engineered wood floors to be fitted together or glued down resulting in a simple installation. Engineered wooden flooring is strong and stable flooring. Each board connects together minimizing any gaps in the wood and giving a beautiful appearance. Since the floating wood floor is easy to install homeowners can tackle this do-it yourself project and save money or the homeowner can choose to have the floating floor installed by professionals.

Floating engineered wood floors can be installed in a wider rage of areas including basements over underfloor heating that cause problems with solid wood floors. Floating wood floors are beneficial for areas where changing temperatures and humidity can cause wood to expand and contract. When the humidity is high wood floors will swell and expand. Since the engineered floating floor fits together in one piece it expands together preventing separating in the wood. Traditional wood floors can buckle in changing temperatures or areas with high humidity.

Engineered floors have become one of most popular kinds of flooring coming in many types and designs. One of the most popular floating floors are oak planks available in a wide variety of finishes and textures Oiled, lacquered, hand scraped, cross sawn, smoked, brushed, carbonised. Engineered real wood floors can be installed on any type of sub floor including tile, concrete, or plywood and is far more affordable than traditional wood floors. If the wood floor is engineered with the click locking tongue and grooves no glue or adhesive is needed and instead each piece just clicks together and locks into place. When the home-owner is ready for a change they simply remove the flooring and replace it with a new type of floor.

At Woods 4 Floors the customer has access to a wide array of high quality engineered wooden floors at affordable prices. Consumers seeking the most exceptional wooden flooring UK has to offer are never disappointed with the amazing selection and high value of the product received. Engineered wood flooring has a stunning appearance and is available in a plethora of different finishes, textures and wood types. This type of flooring is simple to maintain, easy to clean, and increase the value of a home. We also stock this flooring in easy click lock systems. and Super Engineered structural floors.

Woods 4 Floors has over 35 years in hardwood flooring experience and offer customers sales, fitting, installations, and sanding services. Every customer receives a good quality floor whether they purchase real solid wood floors or engineered wooden floors.

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